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Headshots of Women

A Gallery of Women’s Headshot Photos,

Different Looks and Styles

Dancer in motion

Need More Than Just Great Headshots and Portraits?

We also do full Portfolio shoots!

Many entertainers, dancers, actors, models and other types of professionals need BOTH — headshots and full-length shots — Photos that show their figure, physique, and body proportions. Shooting full length shots has special needs for the best result. The lighting needs to light the full body to its best advantage and is different for every need. Swimsuit and Fitness modeling requires lighting that shows body definition and musculature, while for fashion the subjects need to show long slender arms, legs, and torso that can carry high fashion looks. Dancers may want to show special moves or techniques that require freezing the action. Convention models might just need to show their basic figure and proportions but without the glitz or grit  needed for fitness shots.