and PORTRAITS in Las Vegas

 Great Professional Business Headshots
Will Separate You From Your Competition.

Classic BUSINESS PORTRAITS and Headshots
Show Everyone You Are Serious

Great Business Portraits by Las Vegas Studios
an Investment in Yourself, and Your Business.

Business Portraits should show the subject looking natural and in tune with the image they want to present to the viewer. An iPhone “selfie” just doesn’t make it anymore! The portraits need to show the subject in their “best light”, both photographically and in their personal presentation.

Professional MAKEUP AND HAIR
is Always Recommended

In most cases your makeup and hair should be natural looking and only slightly enhanced for photography lighting. Blemishes should be covered, and any eye circles lightened. Makeup should look clean, fresh, and cheerful with soft warm tones and not heavy and overdone. Shine reduced to no more than a healthy “glow” and hair neat but in the style you normally wear.


Men’s Grooming keeps Men looking like Men
… Just Better

Men’s Grooming, includes a very natural makeup that evens out the skin tone and eliminates blemishes. minor trimming to the facial hair if needed. This type of makeup is highly recommended for all men. Christiné does makeup on high profile men regularly for TV interviews where they need to look their very best. You can see the names of the politicians and VIPs she has done on her website HERE

Professional Business Headshots
Reflect Well on Your Business

Great Business Headshots should be technically of high quality and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Subjects will normally wear business attire, and the photos should show a certain “feeling, look, and character” that is expected for someone in their particular business.

Every Business Has a Style and Look

Artists and entertainers might look and dress more creatively, and casual even eccentric, while the photos of doctors, dentists, optometrists, etc. may show them in scrubs or wearing a lab coat and they should look professional as well as caring and kind. Photos of lawyers and politicians should show a compassionate, strong, proud and confident image. Realtor’s business portraits should look friendly, confident, knowledgeable, helpful and outgoing.

Whatever your needs, feel free to contact us with any questions.