Environmental and Group Business Portraits and Headshots

Group and Individual Headshots

in the same session.

This is not only price effective, but an excellent way of showing the public more about your business.

It makes clear you have a variety of specialists trained in their specific genres. Get everyone together and we’ll find a place to shoot them.

We can do your team individually in classic styles, and at work in environmental portraits and group shots..– we can do the execs, sales staff, management and workers in one session…

Christine can do touch up makeup and hair, maintaining everyone’s natural look while giving them a great healthy glow that will give your business the professional look and image so important in today’s competitive marketplace.


business group headshots and portraits

In Your Office or In Our Studio


Individual and Group Portraits in one Session

We can set up a traditional business style lighting and background portrait setup in your office, and give you both the more classical business portraits as well as environmental portraits

Everyone is photographed in one trip.


Location Photoshoots in Your Office or Shop are Price Effective and Convenient

We come to you and your team. No need to try to organize everyone coming to us.

We can do great business headshots of everyone and then shots of them at work doing what they do in your business environment.

You will end up with a great collection of photos that are perfect for all your advertising and marketing needs.

Here is what we did for Interior Designer Jan Kepler


Whatever your needs, feel free to contact us with any questions.