Headshots and Portraits for Actors, Models, Entertainers, Social Media

When you want or need more than just a business headshot.

When you need A portrait to show your character or present a look, style and image meant for someone or something special — When you want a portrait for the one you love — Or — when you just want to do some fun photos that will capture the true you or who you are At this time in your life.

Headshots and Portraits for Actors, Models, Entertainers

Get headshots and portraits in the style needed to get the type of work or the reaction you want. Actors and Model Composites and Zed cards. Headshots and Portraits should be regularly updated to show changes in age, weight, hair length, hairstyles, hair color, beards, etc.


Theatrical headshots get to show more the character and type(s) of roles that the subject feels they are best suited for or want to get. Theatrical headshots are more dramatic in lighting styles and looks than Commercial Style Headshots and sometimes use props and locations or settings.

It is acceptable for the subject to portray a look or style and the photographer to enhance that style using dramatic and more unusual styles of lighting, camera angles, lens choices, and backdrops. Actors will often have a variety of Theatrical Headshots showing different types of looks so they can target different types of work or roles. These are the most fun to do.

Glamor Beauty HEADSHOTS

Fashionable headshots are a special mix. They are fun to shoot. While Glamorous they usually do not invite the viewer into the photo. Theatrical in look and style, they mostly show the eccentric, the beautiful and the unobtainable. Fashion and Beauty headshots show strong attitudes and often tend to be detached from the viewer of the photo. There is frequently an arrogance, bored look, almost of disdain for the viewer of the image, and what sometimes appear to be for life itself.

Eye contact is limited, and then often the model is looking down to the camera adding to the illusion of superiority. They are usually heavily styled, heavily retouched and mostly reserved to those with, slender faces, large eyes, full mouths, and angular features – traditional “pretty” is not a requirement. It is more how all the features work together.


Every decade seems to have its own style for Glamour. Great makeup and hair makes for great glamorous headshots. It takes special skills to ensure that the result is beautiful and not just tacky and overdone. Smokey eyes, false lashes, stronger contouring, wet, glossy, mouths, full lips, combined with luxurious, full hair styles, often made fuller with clip-in extensions … or dramatic shorter styles all work to complete the looks. Much like Fashion and Beauty headshots, these are fun to do.

Headshots and Portraits for Actors Models and Entertainers All Need Makeup for Best Results

Hair and Makeup for Theatrical Style Headshots

Christiné can tailor the look desired for the client’s shots. Getting then look you want can involve a lot of creative work with both the makeup and hair styling. Women’s styles can range from secretary to call-girl to prim and prissy Sunday School teacher looks, to business executive, to femme fatale.

Men can go from politicians to gangsters, to farmers, ranch hands, soldiers, athletes and more, to commercial looks to put together a great Actor or Model’s Composite, Zed card and Portfolio.

MAKEUP AND HAIR for Commercial Headshots

Commercial Style Headshot and Portraits should be natural looking but enhanced to look good for photography. Blemishes should be covered, eye circles lightened and mild contouring to give a clean and fresh look. A light and skilled touch is needed to keep a natural but enhanced finish with shine reduced to no more than a healthy “glow” and hair neat but in the style you normally wear.

Hair and Makeup for Fashion and Beauty

Fashion and Beauty makeup and hair should be perfectly and creatively applied. Beauty shots in particular require superb techniques as they are usually in close and flaws and poor application will ruing the look.  Both genres frequently do unusual, unique, and or extreme styles. It is a lot of fun.

When You Need More Than Just Great Headshots and Portraits


Many entertainers, dancers, actors, models and other types of professionals need BOTH — headshots and full-length shots — Photos that show their figure, physique, and body proportions. Shooting full length shots has special needs for the best result. The lighting needs to light the full body to its best advantage and is different for every need.

Swimsuit and Fitness modeling requires lighting that shows body definition and musculature, while for fashion the subjects need to show long slender arms, legs, and torso that can carry high fashion looks. Dancers may want to show special moves or techniques that require freezing the action. Convention models might just need to show their basic figure and proportions but without the glitz and drama needed for glamour or fitness shots.


Yes, how about them? 60% of Americans think the Internet is a great way to meet new people of common interests.  A bad photo and you get overlooked. We can give you the look you want.  All you have to do is show us shots of your favorite celebs or people you like that you feel you relate to.  We can this customize the look, style and feel for your photos. Let us give you the perfect Headshots and Portraits while you are in Las Vegas.

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